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Peter enjoys writing and blogs for International Rivers and the Huffington Post. His publications include:

Selected articles and opinion pieces:

Twelve Dams That Changed the World, in: Guardian Environment Blog, January 12, 2015

Addressing the Global Power Outage, in: Moscow Times, December 15, 2013

The World Bank is bringing back big, bad dams, in: Guardian Environment Blog, July 16, 2013

China sets out ‘green’ guidelines for energy firms, in Asia Times online, May 1, 2013

Making infrastructure work for the poor. Commentary on Reuters AlertNet, May 23, 2012.

Rio+20: A Milestone Birthday for Planet Earth. Commentary in The Daily Nation (Kenya, January 30, 2012), on Reuters AlertNet, Common Dreams and other blogs.

Will China Find a New Balance Between the Environment and Economic Growth? Commentary in China US Focus, September 1, 2011

Lessons from the Three Gorges Dam for Northeast India (in the Arunachal Times of May 26 and Imphal Free Press of May 27, 2011), Vietnam (in Thanh Nien News, June 3, 2011), South Africa (in Business Day, June 6, 2011), and Cambodia (Phnom Penh Post, June 17, 2011).

Dam Nation, in: Foreign Policy, March 8, 2011

China’s dam-building will cause more problems than it solves, in: The Guardian, March 4, 2011

The Right Course for Rivers, in: China Dialogue, November 16, 2010

China Dams the World, in: World Policy Journal, Winter 2009/10, pp. 43-51

Three Gorges Dam: A Watershed Moment, in: China Dialogue, November 19, 2009

The HSAF Process – an NGO View, in: International Water Power & Dam Construction, July 2009

More Drop per Cop in Istanbul, in: Turkish Daily News, March 21, 2009

On the Wrong Side of the Global Water Divide, in: Turkish Daily News, March 16, 2009

China’s Environmental Footprint in Africa, in: Pambazuka News, May 30, 2008

We Are All Chinese, in: San Francisco Chronicle, February 8, 2008

No Harmonious Global Society Without Civil Society, in: China Development Brief, June 15, 2007 (in Chinese)

China and the West in Africa: Shared Interests? in: Africa Monitor, June 2007, pp. 8-10

A Drop-Sized Way to Bring Clean Water to a Thirsty World, in: Christian Science Monitor, November 10, 2006

World Bank Shuts Out Dissident Voices, in: Foreign Policy in Focus, October 6, 2006

The World Bank Needs to Fight the Root Causes of Corruption, in: Straits Times (Singapore), September 18, 2006

The World Bank’s Conflicted Corruption Fight (co-author, Far Eastern Economic Review, May 2006)

The Way Forward in the Large Dams Debate, in: Development Today, November 2005 (reprinted in Bangkok Post and Il Manifesto)

NGOs – Effective Because of Public Trust, in: The International Journal of Hydropower & Dams, 3/2005

Big No Longer Beautiful in Global Water Policy (in: Reuters AlertNet, March 22, 2005, and various newspapers in Finland, Germany, Ghana, the Netherlands, Norway and Switzerland)

From the Swiss Alps to the Hilltops of Manali, in: Tehelka Magazine, December 2004

The World Bank and Civil Society: Forward to the Past? (A Review of Sebastian Mallaby’s Book, the World’s Banker, 2004)

The World Bank’s Next White Elephant, in: Observer, June 23, 2002

Large Dams and the WCD – an NGO Perspective, presentation at the 2001 ICOLD Symposium


Policy papers:

Civil Society Recommendations regarding China Exim Bank’s Environmental Policy (2007)

Export Credit Agencies and Environmental Standards: An Invitation to Join the Dialogue (2006)

Business as Usual Will not Achieve Climate and Development Goals (2006)

Will the Terminator Reduce Poverty? A Critique of the World Bank’s Progress Report on Infrastructure (2005)

Private Gain – Public Risk? The International Experience with Power Purchase Agreements of Private Power Projects (2003)

Karahnjukar – a Project on Thin Ice (2003)



Infrastructure for Whom? (2012)

China’s Environmental Footprint in Africa (2008)

New Financiers and the Environment (editor, 2008)

China’s Role in Financing Africa’s Infrastructure (2007)

How the World Bank’s Energy Framework Sells the Climate and Poor People Short (co-author, 2006)

A Trojan Horse for Large Dams, How Export Credit Agencies Are Offering New Subsidies for Destructive Projects under the Guise of Environmental Protection (co-author, 2005)

A Critical Juncture for Peace, Democracy and the Environment, Sudan and the Merowe/Hamadab Dam Project (co-author, 2005)

The World Bank at 60: A Case of Institutional Amnesia? (2004)

Gambling with People’s Lives, What the World Bank’s New “High Risk/High Rewards” Strategy Means for the Poor and the Enviromnment (co-author, 2003)

Citizens’ Guide to the World Commission on Dams (co-author, 2002)

Power Finance, Financial Institutions in India’s Hydropower Sector (2002)

Publicly Guaranteed Corruption, Corrupt Power Projects and the Responsibility of Export Credit Agencies in Indonesia (2000)

A Case Study on the Manantali Dam Project, Mali (1999)


Book chapters:

China’s Hydropower Sector Meets the Limits of Growth, in: China Environment Forum, China Environment Series #12, 2013, pp. 77-81 (with Katy Yan)

Grand Projects – Grand Corruption? in: Transparency International, Global Corruption Report 2008, pp. 104-105

The World Bank’s Support for Large Dams: A Case of Institutional Amnesia? in: John Byrne et al (eds.), Transforming Power, Energy, Environment, and Society in Conflict, CEEP 2006, pp. 191-217

The Environment at Risk from Monuments of Corruption, in: Transparency International, Global Corruption Report 2005, pp. 19-23

Tainted Gold, in: Roger Moody, The Risks We Run, Mining, Communities and Political Risk Insurance, International Books 2005, pp. 210-224