Today a Rockstar Saved a Town

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Here in Germany, especially in Berlin, Tarkan is THE role model for the large population of Germans with Turkish roots. Born in Germany, Tarkan became famous when he moved back to Turkey and now writes and sings songs such as the popular “Wake Up” where he challenges his fans to take responsibility for the planet. But today in Berlin, he is not singing, he is talking. He campaigned against the Ilisu Dam and for the protection of the ancient city of Hasankeyf which would be flooded by the dam on Berlin’s biggest radio show this morning, had a long interview in the country’s most influential online magazine – Spiegel – three days back, and will give a keynote speech at a panel discussion on Ilisu this evening in Berlin. Maybe at the panel discussion tonight, he will also disclose whether he met Merkel or not.

And the bigger question, of course, is whether he, or anyone else, can convince her that Germany should safeguard the future of the Tigris River, instead of support its destruction with the Ilisu Dam.