The Happiest Place on Earth? The Story of Culture and Rivers in Bhutan

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6:00 – 8:30 pm
Speaking program at 7:00 pm
Home of Leslie and Jacques Leslie, Mill Valley, California

“Bhutan is the no-hunting, no-fishing, no-billboards, no-smoking, no-genetically-modified organisms, no-plastic-bags, no-stoplights, no-mountaineering exception to the world as we know it. The country is poor and seeks development, but only on its terms — not at the expense of its profoundly reverent but vulnerable Buddhist culture and its fragile, achingly beautiful mountain terrain.”
– Jacques Leslie

Learn about the state of the world’s rivers – and International Rivers campaigns and programs to protect them – through a presentation and discussion about the watersheds of Bhutan, the little-known Himalayan nation with a reputation for its Gross National Happiness indicator. Host and author Jacques Leslie will give a slide presentation on his new e-book, A Deluge of Consequences, which depicts an astounding project in Bhutan to ease the flood dangers of Himalayan glacial lakes formed by climate change. Jason Rainey, Executive Director of International Rivers, will follow with updates on how International Rivers and our partners are responding to the threats facing the peoples and ecologies of Himalayan Rivers.

RSVP to or 510-848-1155 ext. 329 with the names of everyone attending and to receive directions.

This event is part of our Keep International Rivers Flowing campaign. We will be sharing our campaign goals and how you can invest in the future of International Rivers. For more information or to make a tax deductible gift, go to