Rendezvous Wrap Up

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When we invited you to Rendezvous with International Rivers on June 9, 2013, we had no idea what an exhilarating night we’d have! We were completely blown away by the energy of the crowd celebrating river champions everywhere while rocking to the amazing music and dance of some of San Francisco’s finest performers.

2012 Carnaval Queen Ashlee George

2012 Carnaval Queen Ashlee George
Photo by Mike Butler for International Rivers

Despite the misty evening in San Francisco’s Mission District, we had a great turnout of over 200 members – many of whom are new to our community of river advocates. If the Rendezvous for Rivers was your first introduction to the amazing work of our staff and network of partners, we welcome you and encourage you to check out more about International Rivers and the benefits of your membership!

We couldn’t get enough of the Fist of Flour pizza from James Whitehead and his crew, and Hiyaaa! served up some delicious Vietnamese comfort food. The Santa Cruz dance troupe Bravas pra Brasil got the party started – who knew that their Afro-Atlantic moves, paired with 2012 Bay Area Carnaval Queen Ashlee George’s hypnotic dancing, would be so thrilling? (Quinn, our intrepid talent scout did, that’s who.)

Conspiracy of Beards

Conspiracy of Beards
Photo by Mike Butler for International Rivers

The Conspiracy of Beards brought us closer together as they hushed the crowd with the entrancing melodies of Leonard Cohen. Thirty male voices joined in unison, a cappella filled the room with echoes of Hallelujah – a perfect close to a perfect set.

And then we were joined by the high-energy headliner Rupa & The April Fishes, who took us to the next level! Rupa & her talented crew brought us a bevvy of passionate and inspiring songs from around the world. You could see, hear and feel how genuinely they’re immersed in this global movement working of protect human rights and our precious Earth.

Partnering with Rupa & The April Fishes, Conspiracy of Beards and Bravas pra Brasil for our first benefit concert was a connection that truly resonated for everyone present. We felt – and still feel – honored by the dynamic link we had with each and every performer and party-goer who rendezvoused with us that evening.

Be sure to check out and tag yourself and your friends in the event photos on Facebook.

Now – the numbers.

Rupa & The April Fishes rocking the crowd

Rupa & The April Fishes
Mike Butler for International Rivers

Thanks to all of the energy you brought to the evening, we raised nearly $24,000 in support of International Rivers’ global work in Latin America, Asia and Africa. By having such a dedicated group of members, the staff at International Rivers remains energized and encouraged to continue the fight for human rights and free-flowing rivers around the world.

As the Rendezvous wraps up for 2013, we’re already planning for next year. Have a suggestion and contact info for a high-caliber performer with ties to human rights, rivers or environmental protection? Send it to us at!

We hope to see you at next year’s Rendezvous!