Our Rivers, Our Lives

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The movement to protect rivers and rights is full of amazing women. We asked just a few of them to talk about the rivers they love, and what they hope for their future.

Our River is Our Name

Caleen Sisk-Franco, Tribal Chief and Spiritual Leader, Winnemem Wintu Tribe, (California, U.S.A)

children and husbands began their struggle to give voice to the small but brave Rio Cobre. This voice has been heard nationally and internationally. 

We feel responsible for not quitting this fight, we feel guardians of the Rio Cobre. There is a spiritual connection between the mind and the heard that push us to continue this fight despite adversity. Every time we see the little ones bathing, fishing and enjoying the water in the river, our hearts and minds again are filled with new energy and hope.

Rivers are living beings that have a voice, but not all learn to listen and understand it.

It is our responsibility as guardians of the river, to raise its voice and made it understood by all. The source of life transmitted by rivers has to be preserved, today and tomorrow, always. It does not matter if we loose because we maintain the flame of resistance to defend life. We should not be afraid of repression, to the indifference of people and the loneliness of the struggle. We build the future with the actions we take on now, and fear is not our ally, it is our enemy. Solidarity and conviction in our ideas are our best allies. The brave never give up, they move forward.