New Report: Resettlement in Action

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At the same time, affected people were not involved in preparing the resettlement policies, which has created unnecessary problems.

  • Affected people have no freedom to choose among different resettlement options.
  • The resettlement budget is relatively low, which may cause problems particularly in the post-resettlement phase.
  • Resettlement within the reservoir area will increase population density, fuel social tensions, and add pressure on ecosystems which are already under stress.
  • The report recommends that the participation of affected people in the project be improved, and that government support, particularly for the period after resettlement, be strengthened. The report also urges the Chinese authorities to take the ecological limits of the region into account as they implement the water transfer project.

    Footage taken at the construction site:

    “Mixed Grade for Water Diversion Relocation,” WSJ Blog China Real Time Report