Legality of Belo Monte is Built on a House of Cards

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“>Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) has already stated that the project violates international norms, including the Right to Free, Prior, and Informed Consent.  Domestically, if Brazilian lawyers were to ever successfully argue that Belo Monte violates Art. 231 in the Federal Supreme Court, the government would face a certain nightmare.  According to a recent conversation I had with a contact in Brazilian finance, if such a scenario were to occur, the whole project would be shut down completely.  Costs would skyrocket, and the political reverberations would be extremely damaging.

So government reps, including Cardeal from Eletrobras, take to telling a huge lie – “all of the tribes are in favor”– even if, loud and clear, the affected indigenous people are telling us otherwise.  It’s a huge lie, a huge PR campaign, to cover up the government’s dirty secret.

But don’t take my word for it.  Listen to Sheyla yourself.  Watch this YouTube video below to hear Sheyla’s response to Cardeal’s lie (so far in Portuguese only).  Here are a couple of excerpts, in English, of her testimony:

“What is just? To do things only the way the government wants? By ignoring its own laws? Ignoring ILO Convention 169? The international accords to which Brazil is a signatory? Indigenous rights? The Federal Constitution? The Dilma government, the Brazilian government, is violating all of this.”

“You see what he’s doing? Lying to me in front of my face! I don’t believe it.  You should all know that Belo Monte is a farce, and we on the Xingu will not let Belo Monte be built by any way! Because the Xingu is our life, the Xingu is our home! The Xingu is our life!”