Going After Uganda's Big, Bad Dam Investors

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A new short documentary by the Dutch group BothEnds offers a clear, concise “you are there” view of problems being caused by the Bujagali Dam, now being built on the Nile River in Uganda. This well-done piece of activist filmmaking shows the viewer firsthand what is at stake in this controversial project. You’ll see what the dam will flood, visit a village forced to move for the project, hear from Ugandans who hope their businesses can afford the project’s costly electricity, and see the beautiful Bujagali Falls themselves – soon to be submerged by the dam. People on both sides of the debate give thoughtful commentary on key issues – all against the backdrop of the mighty Nile.

The video comes at a time when activists in Europe and Uganda have teamed up to call the European Investment Bank (EIB) to task for its role in the controversial project. A team from the EIB will visit Uganda next week to investigate the complaint, lodged by Uganda’s preeminent ” target=”_hplink”>Gibe 3 Dam in Ethiopia, and is facing another equally feisty group of Africa activists on the ground should it proceed). While I’m dreaming, maybe the big bankers could even start spreading a little green for some green energy for Africa. They could start with all the money they’d save by foregoing overpriced, destructive dams.


This blog originally appeared on Huffington Post.