Defenders of Rivers and Rights Make a Big Splash on March 14

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“>Wild River Dance video, which is intended to incite others to make their own “dance for the rivers” video and post them on YouTube. We also had a public screening of a film here at our Berkeley headquarters. Our guests watched the informative and touching movie Amazonia: Voices of the Rainforest, and had a chance to talk with International Rivers staff members about out different campaign areas. The event’s backdrop was a wall of photos of past Day of Action events from all over the world.

Though we can still feel the excitement from this year’s March 14 actions, we also are beginning to look forward to next year’s events. For us, the collective effort to bring public attention to healthy rivers and the rights of communities who depend on them is an annual highlight of our work, and a day in which we feel an even stronger connection to the world’s river defenders. Thank you all for participating!

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