Decision on HidroAysén Pushed Back Until April 2011

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Adding fuel to the fire of the Patagonia dams controversy, the poorly planned and dangerous proposals to dam rivers in Chile’s Patagonia are less popular in Chile than ever before. The most recent IPSOS poll from September 2010 shows that a whopping 57.8% of Chileans are strongly opposed to building dams in Patagonia. This only promises a showdown of dramatic proportions in 2011 when the company no longer has any options for suspending the environmental review of the project, and the government has to either approve or reject the dams element of the project. We believe that the river protection and social justice community in Chile is well positioned to stop these dams – but they are going to need all of us to pitch in and bring this successful campaign to a rousing finish. Stay tuned after the new year for our updates, and for the actions we have planned for 2011, as we continue to assist in the resistance to these destructive hydroelectric proposals in Chile’s Patagonia.