Bujagali Campaign Project Economics

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  • A view from Save Bujagali Crusade, March 16, 2000.

  • [node:488 link]
    International Rivers Letter to the IFC, April 04, 2001.

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    Does the Bujagali dam make economic sense? A new International Rivers report analyzes the key contract of the Bujagali project, the Power Purchase Agreement (PPA), and shows that it is fundamentally flawed. [node:587 link], the [node:466 link], and the [node:467 link], November 20, 2002.

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    The economic analysis justifying the World Bank’s involvement in Uganda’s Bujagali Dam is based on over–optimistic assumptions about growth in GDPand electricity demand. It ignores good alternatives to the project, such as geothermal. And it fails to look at the implications of global warming on the Nile’s hydrology, which could have serious impacts on the dam’s viability, November 17, 2001.

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    Read how a sweetheart deal for US–based AES will mean huge tariff increases for Ugandans, July 17, 2001.