Bui Workers Asked to Halt Complaints

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Originally published in the Ghana Broadcasting Corporation

Workers at the Bui Dam site have been urged to exercise patience and be prepared to sacrifice a little in the early stage of the dam construction endeavour. The Bui Dam Project Manager, Godfred Boateng, who stated this in an interview with the GBC at Jama in the Northern Region, was reacting to some complaints by local workers of Simhydro Corporation. Their complaints include poor salaries, cramped quarters’ as well as health safety and security concerns.

On the accommodation issue, he said the temporary camp site is not fully completed, thus the workers on site, like the Chinese who were the first to set up, must learn to sacrifice a little. He however agreed that medical check ups for the workers prior to engagement should be instituted immediately. This is to forestall the spread of diseases in the 14 to a room dormitory. Turning to the salary issue he called for restraint, stressing that Ghanaian laws must be respected at all times.

Mr. Boateng, noted that although Sinohydro pays its local workers just above the minimum wage, the Bui Power Authority is encouraging them to go higher to improve moral among the workers currently on site. He advised the workers to work hard since the Chinese have a different work ethic making it imperative that their Ghanaian partners meet them half way to ensure work and unity on site.