Become An Aluminum Scrooge for the World's Rivers

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Please, ma’am, just put down the aluminum foil and no one gets hurt.

“>campaigning to convince BHP Billiton to keep their hands off the Congo River.

Every one of us can pitch in on this issue. Consider becoming an “aluminum Scrooge” by using as little aluminum as you can, while recycling or re-using what you must use (and enlisting your peeps to do the same). Find a lid for that yam pan! Give the leftovers to friends in re-usable containers! This is doable, people.

Recycling really changes the sustainability equation for aluminum. Despite its high recycling potential, however, just half of aluminum cans are recycled. Each one that is thrown away is like throwing away a full can of gasoline in wasted energy. And it’s not just about putting the cans in the bin; it’s about using less, and re-using what you have.

It’s also possible to buy aluminum foil made of recycled metal. And, of course, to drink fewer sodas in cans.

Think of it as a gift to the world’s rivers.

This blog originally appeared on Huffington Post.