5,000 Indigenous Peoples Ignored In Grab for Carbon Credits

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“>letter to the CDM Executive Board urging them to reject the project and deny it funding through the form of carbon credits.

In the latest twist, protests in the last five days against the infamous Cerro Colorado mining project, which also directly affects the Ngobe people by polluting one of the Tabasara’s main tributaries, ended in bloodshed. According to ASAMCHI, there have been two unconfirmed deaths (including one of a young girl who died from tear gas fumes) and over a hundred injured. Despite an injunction by the Inter-American Commission of Human Rights against the project, the government of Panama continues to ignore the rights of the Ngobe.

The CDM Executive Board should sit up and pay attention.

  • Read the letter to the CDM Executive Board highlighting the lack of participation, human rights abuses, and weak additionality arguments for the Barro Blanco.
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  • Videos of the protest by ASAMCHI.
  • “The endangered Tabasara River,” The Panama News, an account of ASAMCHI’s 2010 visit with the Ngobe people.
  • “Tabasara Revisited,” The Panama News, an account of ASAMCHI and Bankwatch’s subsequent visit, with photos of the meeting.