2016 Annual Report: Our Impact

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In 2016, our campaigners worked tirelessly to protect rivers and river communities, and we met with striking success. In Chile, the energy company Endesa pulled out of six destructive hydropower projects on five rivers, citing community resistance as a major reason for the move. China declined to develop its last major free-flowing river, the Nu, for the next five years, and the World Bank pulled out of the troubled Inga 3 hydropower project.

The tide is turning. With the meteoric rise of wind and solar, the world can now meet its energy needs without developing calamitous hydropower projects. We see the way to a water future that’s decentralized, inclusive and just.

Learn more about how we’re making that vision a reality by elevating the voices of river communities, and holding some of the world’s most powerful dam-builders and governments accountable. Read our 2016 Annual Report!