20 Things You Can Do for Rivers and Rights

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“>decommissioning. Interest local environmental groups and the media in the issue.

7. Raise your voice: write letters to the editor and government officials, join International Rivers’ NewStream list, speak out at community meetings about the impacts of wasteful water and energy use and the importance of healthy ecosystems.

8. Support efforts to increase sustainable energy in your neighborhood, community, state, country. Urge your political representatives to take up the issue.

9. Help organize a watershed clean-up (and appreciation) day.

10. Support efforts to improve energy efficiency at the local, regional and national levels.

11. Form a citizen’s task force to monitor polluting industries in your watershed.

12. Donate to groups building water supply for the world’s poorest citizens. Each day almost 10,000 children under the age of 5 in the world’s least-developed countries die as a result of illnesses contracted from impure water.

13. Eat lower on the food chain – eating meat requires much greater quantities of water than a plant-based diet (for example, it takes about 6 gallons of water to grow a single serving of lettuce. More than 2,600 gallons is required to produce a single serving of steak).

14. Find out if your city has water policies protecting watershed health and promoting water conservation, caps on groundwater pumping and monitoring for non-point-source pollutants such as agricultural and contaminated urban runoff.

15. Start a letter-writing campaign to authorities who regulate large dams in your area, urging them to operate dams so that flows downstream of dams mimic natural river flows.

16. Join (or organize) a local stream restoration effort. The US Fish and Wildlife Service estimate that 70% of the riparian habitat nationwide has been lost or altered.

17. Drive and fly less, and reduce your contribution to global climate change. Climate change will have an inordinately high impact on those least likely to afford it, and those who have done little to contribute to it – the world’s poorest.

18. Take action online and offline. Find current ways you can help support campaigns for healthy rivers and human rights.

19. Join the many local and international efforts to stop corporations taking over water supply systems.

20. Join International Rivers! Make a tax-deductible donation to International Rivers and join the international movement to protect rivers and defend human rights. Online donations help us save postage costs.