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The Zambezi River, Drained Bone Dry

Where Mongu and the Zambezi floodplain meet – 25 kilometers from the river’s main channel. Photo Peace Corps. “Rather than...
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Water Insecurity & Climate Change In Africa

The Niger, Nile and Zambezi basins Author’s own Africa has the largest number of surface water bodies crossing or forming...
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Climate Change Risks on the Zambezi (infographic)

Read the full report “A Risky Climate for Southern African Hydro” upon which this infographic is based
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Batoka Gorge Dam, Zambezi River

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The Tonga, the Kariba Dam, and the Angry God (Video)

International Rivers’ Africa Program Director Rudo Sanyanga tells a powerful story about the Tonga people of the Zambezi River.  Learn...
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Zambezi Basin Dam Boom Threatens Delta

Batoka Gorge would be flooded if the proposed dam goes ahead. Photo by Tony Wasserman From World Rivers Review June...
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Memories and Unanswered Questions on the Zambezi

Although I had spent many years working on the Zambezi River, the lower Zambezi region in Mozambique was unfamiliar to...
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Returning to the Zambezi After 20 Years

Alongside the Zambezi River Photo by Lori Pottinger It’s been 20 years to the month since I was last bobbing...
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Concerns regarding IDA 17’s Proposed Focus on Regional Transformational Initiatives

Ms. Lael Brainard Under Secretary of the Treasury for International Affairs US Department of the Treasury 1500 Pennsylvania Ave NW...
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How the World Bank Undermines Its Own Development Goals

People affected by the World Bank’s Kariba Dam are still struggling to regain their livelihoods Karin Retief The World Bank’s...