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Working Transboundary: Building Resilience and Democratizing Governance in the Brahmaputra Basin

The Brahmaputra River has repeatedly been the centre ground of diplomatic hostility between China, India and Bangladesh. With no transboundary...
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The Time is Ripe for a Brahmaputra River Treatise

Last month, representatives of civil society organizations from five countries came together in Kathmandu, Nepal for a three-day workshop to...
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Ganga Rejuvenation Must Go Beyond Lip Service

The rejuvenation of the Ganga figured prominently in the manifesto of the Bharatiya Janta Party, which took over the reins...
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A Photo Journey Through Uttarakhand

Earlier this year before the southwest monsoons set in, our regional team decided to pay a visit to the Indian...
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Life-Giving Deltas Starved by Dams

The Indus Delta – here at Keti Bandar – is being eroded by the sea Emily Woodhouse The deltas of...
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China’s Domestic Dam Plans Draw Ire At Home and Abroad

From March 2013 World Rivers Review China’s State Council – the country’s ultimate decision-making body – announced its new Energy...
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The Baral River

The Baral River originates from the big river Padma (the local name of the Ganges that entered into Bangladesh from...
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India’s Dammed Rivers Suffer Fisheries Collapse

From December 2012 World Rivers Review Fishing Groups Take Steps to Fight Back It may surprise many that India is...
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Trans-boundary River Basins in South Asia: Options for Conflict Resolution

South Asian trans-boundary issues are inextricably linked to regional geopolitics since the main trans-national river systems are circum-Himalayan and involve...
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Anti-Dam Protests Get Louder in Northeast India

From December 2010 World Rivers Review      Over the past several months, protests against big dams in northeast India have been...