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Guest Blog – Hydropower Development on the Amur River and Russia’s Planning Flaws

China bank of the Amur River in late fall facing Russia WikiCommons The Amur River is the last free-flowing major...
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"Nobody's River" Film Launch

Congratulations to the intrepid filmmakers Becca Dennis, Sabra Purdy, Amber Valenti, Krystle Wright and Skip Armstrong on today’s launch of...
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Tell Mongolian Parliament to Protect Rivers from Mining

Mongolia is a poor country with a pristine environment and nomadic traditions that now faces rapid industrialization fueled by foreign...
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Protect Mongolian Rivers from Mining!

Guest Blog by Eugene Simonov, Coordinator, Rivers without Boundaries International Coalition The Mongolian Law “to prohibit mineral exploration and mining operations...
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The Dying Sea

The images in this narrative describe the aftermath of one of the largest environmental disasters man has perpetrated – the...